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G-EVER Working Groups


Risk assessment of large-scale earthquake Working Group 2012-2016 (lead by Yuzo Ishikawa)

  1. Evaluation of super large-scale earthquake
  2. Comparison between normal and super cycles
  3. Hypocenter DB, unify calendars and reevaluation
  4. Long-time earthquake: buildings, ground motion
earthquake hypocenters

Risk assessment of large-scale volcanic eruption Working Group 2012-2015 (lead by Akira Takada)

  1. Case study of super eruption in Indonesia (1883, 1815 and 13c)
    Preparation process, precursors, effects, and recovery
  2. Risk assessment (potential assessment, risk management)
large-scale eruptions

Next-generation volcanic hazard assessment Working Group 2012-2016 (lead by Shinji Takarada)

  1. Eruption History
  2. Volcanic eruption database
  3. Numerical simulation
  4. Next-generation real-time volcanic hazard assessment system
    Next-generation volanic hazard assessment system (preliminary version)
Next-generation system