The 1st G-EVER International Symposium Proceedings Volume is available  第1回G-EVER国際シンポジウムのプロシーディングスが公開されました

The 1st G-EVER International Symposium was held in AIST Auditorium, Tsukuba, on March 11, 2013.

The proceeding volume is now available online.

Please download a pdf file. (76.8MB)

Please note that this proceeding volume is “PERSONAL USE ONLY.” If you would like to use any figures, texts and pictures in the presentation materials in any other purposes, such as your own presentations, classes and publications, please be sure to contact with the authors to get permission (if you need their contact information, please let us know).



こちらよりダウンロードできます. (76.8MB)

上記の講演要旨集及びプロシーディングスは “PERSONAL USE ONLY.”です. もしこれらの中の図や本文,写真等をプレゼン,授業,出版物等でご利用になられたい場合は,必ず著者に連絡の上,承認をとるようにお願いいたします.著者への連絡先が不明な場合は,ご連絡頂ければ幸いです.