2016 Kumamoto Earthquake Report 1 (April 15, 2022): Aftershock distribution and geology in this area

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Last updated on April 21, 2022

The contents of this website are English translation of the Japanese website of “2016 Kumamoto Earthquakes and related information“, the Geological Survey of Japan (GSJ), AIST.


An orange circle denotes the epicenter of the main shock determined by Hi-net (NIED) and blue circles stand for after shocks (until 9:00 on April 15). Red lines show traces of active faults in this area. Base map is 1:200,000 Seamless Geological Map of Japan (GSJ, AIST). (modified from GSJ, 2016)

Figures below show after shock distribution and geology in this area.


Close-up of the figure above. Symbols are the same as above. Base geological map is 1:200,000 Kumamoto (Hoshizumi et al.,2004) and Yatsushiro and a part of Nomozaki (Saito et al., 2010) by GSJ, AIST (modified from GSJ, 2016).


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